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About me: You've heard the story... I have been fascinated with creating "stuff" since the beginning of mud pies. As life happens the creativity changes from "making traditional art" to "making a living and raising children" skills. I am now retired and creating is back on the front burner. (My hubby tells folks that you can't sit still too long, or you will get painted on.) I have painted pet portraits, murals, rocks, barn boards, saw blades, canvas and anything else I can get my hands on.   Most of the work you will see here has already found happy homes. However, I am happy to accept commissions. If you have something you would like painted or if you see something here that interests you, please contact me for information. I strive to never make two items exactly the same, but we can do similar work. It is more exciting for me to do something unique and gosh, wouldn't you prefer to have a "one of a kind" piece of art?  Please feel free to browse. If you have any questions, I am only a click away. "contact" Thank you for looking!

If you have a moment, please check out our new website, This is a cool site that showcases many of our local guild members. The SRAG has been creating art along the Salmon River for over 50 years.

legal stuff: all image copyrights belong to me and are not free to use. I do not share your contact or email information with anyone. All invoices are submitted via PayPal only.  All purchases are final. All items are shipped via U.S.P.S. with tracking and insurance included. IF for ANY reason an item does need returned the shipping is paid by the client. I will not use any photo references taken from any source other that those produced by the client. Internet images are not accepted due to copyright issues. 

Thanks for submitting!

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