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 These gallery items have found their way to happy homes but if you see anything you would like I would be happy to customize one for you.

"That impish smile", watercolor portrait painting, by ngresham
"Little boy blue" portrait painting by ngreshamart
yellow roses- acrylic on canvas, floral painting, roses
Poppies- oil on canvas board
acrylic painting,original art,barn,farm art, barn paintings
the cows came home- acrylic on canvas ranchers cattle drive cows horses cowboy art
floating in the grand canyon-acrylic on canvas
Durango-Silverton train reflections- acrylic on canvas, reflections on the window
moth on a daisy- acrylic on canvas, white moths, white butterflies, white moth on a white daisy painting
the old door knob- acrylic on canvas, rusty door knobs
View of the Salmon River- acrylic on canvas
fruit of the vine- acrylic on canvas, red wine, grapes, candle, still life paintings
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